SKYCO Skylights started out from day one with an innovative approach to product development, based on a customer-centric business model. Just about any skylight company can build a “cheap” skylight. But is that what you want to put on your roof? The bottom line is cheap skylights leak, do not perform effectively, and have a much shorter life span. Installing a cheap skylight is comparable to installing a cheap roof. It is not a matter of if it will leak, but when it will leak. SKYCO Skylights’ products do not leak, and we have the testing to substantiate that claim.

SKYCO Skylights focuses on value-added technology, to increase the skylight performance and life-span, which are paramount to achieving a blend of cost-effectiveness with superior quality. Our design team developed skylight and smoke vents designs which emphasize stronger, more durable materials, longevity for all components, and streamlining the manufacturing and assembly processes, to provide a more cost-effective solution to our daylighting and smoke vent product groups.

SKYCO Skylights combines our unique approach to the product development and manufacturing process with an exceptionally high focus on responding to our customer’s requests, quickly and accurately, with technical information, design assistance, skylight inspections, jobsite meetings, architectural drawings and specifications, and quotations. SKYCO Skylights not only welcomes the opportunity to assist with your design requirements, we provide innovative solutions, utilizing the vast experience and technical expertise of our amazing team.