The SKYCO Skylights Team provides over 150 years of combined technical expertise in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of custom skylights, industrial unit skylights, UL listed smoke vents, roof access hatches, turn-key photovoltaic skylight systems (BIPV), and tubular skylights.

SKYCO Skylights’ technical team utilized their vast experience in the skylight marketplace to develop new and innovative daylighting solutions, as well as focusing on enhancing and improving existing technology to provide higher performing products at economical prices.

SKYCO Skylights’ team re-designed a basic unit skylight to exceed the air infiltration resistance requirements by almost 10 times the allowable AAMA /WDMA/CSA 101/I.S./A440 air infiltration acceptance level. Less air infiltration translates to a much more thermally efficient unit skylight. Through further design enhancements, the SKYCO Skylights Team was able to reduce the level of water infiltration AAMA A440 unit skylights by 4 times the permitted level. The SKYCO Skylights Team was not satisfied with developing a unit skylight to meet the AA A440 Standard, they wanted to exceed the performance in the standard and that goal was achieved for both air and water penetration. The SKYCO Skylights Team has achieved the highest performing aluminum framed unit skylight in the market, and SKYCO Skylights is proud to bring this innovative technology and exceptional value to the marketplace.

SKYCO Skylights’ team performed an in-depth study on the issues surrounding fall-protection for unit skylights. A result of this study is the Illuminator unit skylight, which has passed an 800 lb impact load. OSHA requires a 200 lb impact load, but the goal for SKYCO Skylights was to exceed that, and we achieved that goal and offer a certified third-party test report to document this exceptional performance.

The SKYCO Skylights Team provides practical daylighting and smoke ventilation solutions, personal service, and superior value, not just products.